Our Commitment

Our Values


  • Exemplary standards without compromise.


  • The ability to capture the ideas and beliefs of all individuals into a common set of motives so that actions are directed toward a common goal of the group to promote individual and concerted happiness and success.


  • We provide consistent behavior and care delivered with compassion and fairness.


  • Continually seeking knowledge within and outside our organization to promote growth personally and professionally in individual and group settings seeking continuous education, diagnostic, clinical, business and interpersonal skills.

Our Styles


  • The quality of exhibiting a thorough, learned understanding of all technical and customer service skills required to create a “wow” experience for our patients and referring practices.


  • We demonstrate/affirm professionalism in all aspects of patient and referrer contact and care (conveyed through our dress, vocabulary, technology, facility, and attitude).


  • We create a personalized experience from the first telephone contact through treatment and beyond scheduled treatment.


  • We are highly conscientious and strive for a 360 degree intuitive understanding of the needs of our patients, as well as those of our team.

Our Standards of Performance


  • We attract and hire compassionate, caring, & skilled professionals who are supported to perform at the highest level in an environment that encourages professional and personal growth.


  • We are committed to customer service excellence at every touch-point consistent with our styles and values.


  • We continuously review our internal operating systems to ensure consistent service delivery using proven technologies.


  • We operate in a fiscally responsible manner that supports the livelihood of our Partners and employees while making services affordable to our patients.