Your First Visit

Our offices have been designed to put you at ease. Our highly trained business and dental-assisting staff are here to serve all of your endodontic needs.  We are devoted to your comfort.

 Endodontic Specialists value your time!  We strive to meet your schedule and accommodate you promptly.  Your reserved appointment allows for paperwork so there is no need to arrive early.

 If applicable, please bring the following to your first visit:

  • Appointment Slip from brochure
  • List of medications and dose you are taking of each and a copy of your most recent INR if you are taking Coumadin
  • Dental insurance card, driver’s license, and specialty referral form (if applicable)
  • Patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

On the day of your appointment, please avoid taking pain medications unless directed by one of our endodontists as this can alter the results of our testing and interfere with the accuracy of your diagnosis.  A typical visit to our office begins with completing paperwork, which includes your medical history and consent forms. It is advisable to bring a list of all medications that you regularly have taken within the past month (both over-the-counter and prescription), their doses and why you’re using them.  If you require medication prior to dental cleanings (i.e antibiotics for pre-med), please contact your prescribing physician for medication and take them prior to your visit.  Once all forms are complete, an assistant will take you back to the operatory.

Our highly trained assistant will discuss your chief complaint, collect data regarding the history of your tooth concerns, conduct several tests, take an x-ray and lastly review your medical history and blood pressure.  This information is then shared with your endodontist who will fully discuss the findings and your options with you before beginning treatment. Your endodontist will make you aware of the benefits and risks involved in treatment, as well as the prognosis for your tooth, so you can make a wise decision. The treatment itself can often be completed that day; however, at times a second appointment is needed. Before treatment begins, you will receive local anesthesia to numb any sensations you may feel during the procedure. If you are apprehensive, we do offer nitrous oxide.

While most patients are quite comfortable following treatment, you will be provided with medications and after-treatment instructions to ensure your comfort over the next few days. In addition, each patient will receive the doctor’s home telephone number in the event they wish to contact them after hours.  We are very concerned about your comfort!

Tell Your Friends About Us

We look forward to seeing you and making your visit very positive. We are confident you will enjoy our team of professionals. New patients are always appreciated! Please tell your friends and family about us.