After Treatment Instructions

We hope your visit in our office was pleasant and exceeded all expectations. Saving your tooth was a wise decision that you will benefit from every day. We strive to prove that root canal therapy is comfortable, valuable and dramatically better than the alternative of extraction and artificial tooth replacement. Thank you for your patronage and we appreciate your referrals.

It is important to call your general dentist soon for an appointment to have your tooth permanently restored after root canal therapy. The temporary filling material we placed (per your general dentist’s instructions) will not permanently protect your tooth from reinfection or fracture. Your tooth may be uncomfortable for a few days and tender to chewing pressure up to a week or more after treatment. This is normal. Anti-inflammatory pain medications are highly recommended.

Please notify us if, when you bite down, your tooth feels high after treatment and is creating soreness. A short office visit to adjust the problem usually leads to quick and dramatic improvement. Long appointments and associated sore teeth may also lead to stimulation of clenching and grinding habits in many patients. This is frequently manifested as sore jaw joints, ear pain, multiple tooth sensitivities and facial achiness. Anti-inflammatory drugs and moist heat to the affected area are usually helpful. Please note, however, that heat on infection induced swelling usually worsens the situation.

If your tooth was more complex requiring a second visit for completion, please keep your appointment even if your tooth becomes perfectly comfortable after the initial visit. Long-term success depends on total completion of your root canal therapy with us and subsequent restoration by your general dentist.

All patients are given their endodontist’s home phone number along with our office number after treatment. If you have any after-hours questions, call your endodontist at home first, and if they are not available, call our office number. Our voice mail will notify one of our doctors to contact you promptly.

An endodontist is on call after hours.  If you need to call after hours, please have your pharmacy number available.